Silk laminated printings

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 16pt Postcard
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Premium card(No lamination) order information
  Paper   250g Starlite pearl, Gold,Topaz, Diamond, White gold, Sapphier, Sepia
  Bronze, Lust bronze, Super gold
  Artwork size with bleed   3.625 X 2.125 size by inch
  Cutting size   3.5x2 size by inch
  Turnaround time   5 business days after ordering
  Postwork options   Foil, Drill, Spotuv, Round corner (Diecut)
  *If there is some postwork on businesscard, It may take 1 or 2days more.
"Submit"   button is at the bottom and Fileupload procedure will continue after finishing ordering.

NOTE : The cost is only product cost and you need to add shipping charge.
File name
Size 3.5 X 2"
Paper stock
Foil or Embossing size   Necessarily indicate foil colors in the blank of "Note"
Price Total  $
*Notice : Above cost is only product cost(not include shipping cost)
Fonts and images Outline all the fonts and embed all the images.
CMYK color mode You have to convert all of the colors to CMYK color mode.
Spot color or PMS color (Pantone color) is not available for 4color print..
Resolution of images. The higher resolution images (over 300 dpi), the better quality of printings.
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