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 Laminated Businesscard
 16pt Business card
 Magnetic card
 Laminated Postcard
 16pt Postcard
 PET business card
 PP business card
 Premium card
 Special business card
 Scratch card

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  QuestionWhat kinds of Products do you have?
  AskWe have matte or golss laminated businesscards and postcards, special paper businesscards, foil cards, diecut cards, PET cards, PP cards, presentation folders, envelopes, stickers, diecut stickers, laminated brochures, no laminated brochures, scratch cards, package boxes, shopping bags and other customized printing products.
(almost all of the printing products might be available, Please request a quote if you need).
  QuestionHow long is your turnaround time?
  AskThe turnaround time for laminated businesscards and postcads is 3 ~ 5 business days since your ordering is successfully registered including file inspection.
If you 'd like to know more about turnaround time, Please click here.
Please follow our artwork requirements like outlining fonts, embedding images and CMYK color conversion. You can also check the turnaround time for other products in turnaround time page on the front page.
(turnaround time on the front page is located in bottom left).
  QuestionHow can I calculate the weight and shipping charge?
  AskWeight for 1000 laminated businesscards is 1.5kg and
You can calculate the weight by size rate for customized laminated postcards.
There is also weight information for each products on the web site click here.
Weight will be combined if products are shipped together and you can check the weight price list we give.
We know that it might be a little bothering but if you have saved shipping charge by increased weights, you will think it deserves and our shipping charging system is better for you.
  QuestionHow can I get a quote?
  AskFirstly, You can email to for a quote.
Secondly, you can fill out the form on free quote page of web site.
You will receive a quote email within 24 hours after requesting a quote.
Specify it as much as you can and Please remember the more explanations, the more exact quote.
  QuestionHow do I process the payment?
  AskThere are payment methods by Creditcard, paypal accout and wiretransfer.
You can process it whit your crditcard number by yourself on payment page of web site.
If you need our paypal email and bank account for wiretransfer, Please let us know.
  QuestionWhat kind of paper do you use?
  AskOur laminated card stock is 12pt thick.
There are more kinds of paper stocks for special paper businesscards.
You can select one of those (linen, scotland, star dream and popset for special paper businesscards).
For brochure stocks, there are 80lb gloss book, 100lb gloss book and 120lb gloss book.
Paper stock for presentation folder has 14pt thickness with 1 side lamination only.
There are 2 kinds of paper stock for envelope and letterhead.
One is white text stock called pulp free (similar to copy paper, thicker than that) and the other is paper with texture, which is called lethack.
  QuestionWhat is PET card?
  AskIt's a kind of Plastic card with round corner and You can find PET card section in ordering page.
There are Gold and Silver for PET card.
Please check the fixed size other than 3.5*2.
  QuestionWhat is PP card ?
  AskIt's also a kind of Plastic card with round corner and there are Nude and White for PP card.
Nude is printing on the front only because of its distinction.
Please check the fixed size other than 3.5*2.
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